Due to Covid-19 - we will be moving all our classes to Video Lectures and Online Interactions. Check more details here

Due to Covid-19 - we will be moving all our classes to Video Lectures and Online Interactions. Check more details here

Frequently Asked Questions

From Day 1, you will be getting assignment and Projects. The course in this Bootcamp is designed to be a project-based course which means you will work on the project in each day session. After completion of the 1st project you will have to choose your own project, which can be :

     1. A live project from our Partner Companies/Organizations - will provide certificate and Letter of recommendation (optionally stipend and prizes also). Partner Companies or Organizations will be displayed on Home Page before the start of Bootcamp.

    2.  A live project with Youstart Developer team - will provide internship certificate  and Letter of recommendation (optionally stipend and prizes also)

    3. A live project under Guidance of Top Industry mentor as mentioned in other section of this site.


So, at least 2 Major Projects you will complete under this Bootcamp. And 2 different company certificated will be offered.

Both courses are focused on one thing - Better Job Chances. If you have a job as a focus you can choose any.


Machine Learning is a growing field and scope will increase each year. It is a field very fewer people are properly trained in.

Full Stack is everywhere- All apps, websites you use are having full stack developer at the back. Jobs are already so many and there is no chance that in 5-10 year the growth will slow down


One is a programming skills - Full stack development

Other is more of an analytical job (Maths, Logic) - Machine Learning developer

Note : For any further questions please contact us or Book a session with mentors

  1. Youstart Bootcamp Certificate - Signed by 3 Big Professionals from various area of the industry -Computer Science Faculty, Top Software Professional and Space Technology Scientist
  2. Mentor’s Certificate - If you are doing good in the course you have a chance to win a Mentor’s Certificate and Letter of Recommendation from the top developer from at least 1 big company - read Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco etc. These will be your external mentors in this Bootcamp.
  3. Internship Certificate: Youstart will provide you to work on some commercial projects offered by participating organisations. You can earn some good stipend also on some of these projects.
  4. Linkedin Recommendations: All those people who will certify you will recommend you on LinkedIn. This will help you more than anything - in the next internship or job hunt.

Yes, we are regularly doing that for the candidates who have completed this Bootcamp. 

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  • Lead mentor and Co-founder – Abhishek Rathore. He has graduated from BITS Pilani and has over 6 years of experience working on latest technologies. He has worked in various breakthrough technologies – in Cloud deployments and PaaS (EMC), Cryptographic Security (RSA), Core Networks and Switching (CISCO). After corporate jobs, he worked on Advanced Web Application and Mobile Apps and created over a 20-30 Products.

We have other full time dedicated mentors as well. Love for coding and passion for teaching are two essential per-requisites for all our mentors.

  • Mentor and Co-founder Abhijeet Rathore. He is an IIT – Delhi alumni, a robotics champion and has worked as a scientist with ISRO before starting with the trainings at Youstart Labs. He is avid writer and one of Most Read Quora Writer in Space Technologies.
  • MentorSneha Dahiya. She is an alumni of BITS Pilani and has worked in industry for short duration. She has joined academia and has interest in fields like Data Structure & Algorithms, Big-Data and Machine Learning.

Other advisors (from big IT companies) have guest lectures & remote sessions and would love to help you on your queries and clear your confusions.

Most recent Projects are hosted on Enappd.com you can check out this site. These are commercial software made with help of past students and interns. There are many other projects which are hosted live - You can check that under the student profiles. This year we are planning to come up with a bigger and better project with big rewards for those who can complete. Even some projects are from other organizations - this can help you win more experience certificates and recommendations.

For Jaipur Summer Bootcamp 2019 dates are yet to be finalized but it will start somewhere around 11-15 May for first batch. Course duration is around 60 days.

Ideally, as many hours you can - there are many things to achieve from these 2 months. Lots of certificates, recommendations, and industry connections. However, we expect you to spend at least 3-4 hours each day.
No official examination for certifications. But there will be regular assignments to review performance and provide better opportunities to deserving ones.
From 2019, once a year for Jaipur. This time - May to July. There will be different batches on a different date but all will happen in Summer.
The full course curriculum can be downloaded from home page of site
Interact with us on given Phone/Whatsapp number. Fill online form to show your interest. We will e-mail the detail of registrations. Its always good to register early - 1. You can get some fee concession only for first few entries 2. You can get confirmed seat.
Interact with us on given Phone / Whatsapp number given on home page. Or book a slot for online consultation.

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Full Stack Bootcamp

  1. Basic Programming skills (any language)
  2. Basic HTML/CSS knowledge

Machine Learning Bootcamp

  1. Basic Programming skills (any language)
  • College grads – CS/ Non CS Engineers – Some programming experience
  • Students from any other streams like science, commerce or art; who love coding
  • Experienced professionals looking for a hike in their career
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to learn code to manifest their dreams,
  • Anyone who has the passion for coding with essential requisites of logic
  • We are a young and energetic team of IIT – Delhi and BITS, Pilani alumni who are passionate about coding unlike software training institutes who lack such talent.
  • We have worked as software developers and recruiters with big tech companies such as Cisco, EMC Corporation, ISRO etc. and will provide you with a great insight into the skills required by such employer.
  • We also run a different vertical as “software development team” where exceptional coders can work with us on real life projects.
  • We have chosen the courses and content of the technologies after detailed discussions with our advisors, currently using these technologies at top software companies in India and abroad.
  • We have already provided successful trainings on latest technologies such as AngularJS, NodeJS, Hybrid Apps, Ruby on Rails, Cloud technologies etc, where demand is higher than supply in industry rather than the commonly offered courses on C,Java etc. covered at other software training institutes.
  • We make you a “versatile coder” by introducing you to all the latest technologies and options to choose the path to your successful career by working more in depth in the field/technology of your interest unlike other software trainings where you have no idea of other technologies to make a choice from.
  • We are happy to have you spending “hours of coding” with us and to have dedicated doubt clearing sessions to help you code when you stuck. We’ll help you learn at your own pace unlike other software training institutes where you have very less time to practice and clear your doubts.
  • Only 3% of 5,00,000 engineers passing out every year in our country are “Ready-to-Deploy” for IT jobs.(Sources: The Hindu)
  • Freshers from non-premier engineering colleges are in a tough spot. To get a job they either need to get attention by building something incredible or they must keep learning (for years) to be considered for work in top software companies.
  • Most companies either want a CS / IT graduate from Premier Institutes such as IIT,IIIT or experienced professional who has worked with every technology (or framework). From a tech company’s perspective, it makes sense to hire only the best developers as they don’t want to compromise on the quality of talent.
  • To fill this gap between demand and supply of technical talent in India, Youstart Labs provides training courses on latest technologies. Demand for these latest technologies is undoubtedly higher than supply in the country.
  • The only way to learn programming – Start coding. Practice beats theory when it comes to making a great career in IT industry.
  • Students need to build real world projects and applications to develop a sense of comfort for programming.
  • Youstart Labs train dedicated and passionate learners and transform them to a “hirable” tech talent. We use Pair Programming & Competitive Programming and provide a propitious learning & working environment.
  • We support your coding with guidance and help when you get stuck. You can also spend your day with us to give yourself “hours of code practice” you need.
  • We arrange Tech talks/seminars/webinars/discussions with professionals from tier–1 IT companies such as Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Intel etc.