JavaScript is one the most popular programming languages in the world right now, you can go and take a look at Github stats. Once supposed to be a web front-end language, now JavaScript also runs on Backend servers, database servers, Mobile Front-end and Hardware interfaces. JavaScript is also making its mark in the world of hardware. Projects like Arduino and NodeBots have been showing that Javascript can become the primary language of embedded systems anytime now.

Check out number of top project is all language on Github (till feb 2016) :


First of all, JavaScript has no relation to ‘Java’ programming language. Javascript was intended to have some interactive feature designed for browsers like small popups and button interactivity. It was considered as a non-important part of the web and hence initial browsers used to block JavaScript or had an option to block JavaScript. Nowadays, it would be a rare thing to block Javascript.

JavaScript got into prominence due to AJAX calls and later due to the development of NodeJS environment. Let’s talk about both of these in a little detail.

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML which was considered to be a new technique to update HTML web pages in your browser without reloading pages. This was not possible with old-style web pages where every interaction used to load a new page. Imagine how you feel – clicking a Like button in Facebook and the whole news feed reloads. Crazy it may sound but that was real web back in the 2000s – later JS provided the ability to load data only in part of the page.

After AJAX and jQuery which was a shortcut toolset for writing JS codes, next big revolution was NodeJS server development. NodeJS made JS more usable in any environment, whether it is a Web Server or desktop application. It was based on Chrome V8 engine which is an efficient compiler of the Javascript language. Suddenly a new world of JavaScript as a programming language emerged out. It was considered as a front-end language but now it became a full-stack language with a huge number of web framework coming in following years like Express, Angular, React, Ember, VueJS and more. The growth of any framework can be seen by its library and plugin ecosystem. NPM, which stands for Node Package Manager as shown an exponential growth and is one of the largest repositories in the world.

NodeJS - NPM growth as biggest repository on Open Source

In the Modern day of web development, JavaScript still controls front end web development with frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS covering a majority of front-end development work in big enterprise front-ends. With the advent of the Cross-Platform application based on web engines, we now also have Mobile Apps made in these JS frameworks. Few of the popular frameworks are – Ionic, React and React Native.

However, to accommodate all these changes JavaScript has changed a lot. It was weakly typed language and had no data types explicitly defined. Now JavaScript has taken the recommendation of ES6 and ES7 which are the new version of JavaScript . These versions have new features like class notations and short forms for callbacks. Some languages like TypeScript is a syntactical superset of JavaScript, with optional static typing and class-based object-oriented programming to the language.

Looking at the companies involved in Javascript development you will realize that all major players of the modern world are working on some aspect of JavaScript. Google is maintaining the AngularJS framework along with many others, Facebook is leading the React JS camp, IBM is taking care of StrongLoop which acquired Express, which was de facto NodeJS framework. Microsoft is working on Typescript which is considered as new standard of write highly scalable JS programs.


As you may see from this discussion – JavaScript is everywhere, it is in front-end of Web and Mobile, it is on backend servers, real-time databases, application interfaces and Internet of Things devices. The ubiquitous nature of JavaScript makes it #1 choice for a modern age developer.

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