JECRC University Internship Drive

by Pratishtha Sharma | Jan 25, 2018

JECRC University Internship Drive

As a college student, we have always been stirred up about Internships, Projects, On-campus, and Off-Campus Drives (with a stress on word INTERNSHIP).After clinching the deal by passing the respective subjects and roller-coaster rides at our college, we came to the final semester, which is dedicated to the six-month internship, as per the UGC rules.

We all know that doing an internship and working on some projects would be like a feather on one’s cap in the resume. It actually makes a difference. And we are to the advantage as we got to do a six-month internship before graduating. It’s a gimmick that helps college students to get prior exposure to workforce culture.

Intern’s recruitment process in college is crucial not only for the companies but also for students. As it helps them in learning about the work culture followed in industries, about new tools and technologies.

With the starting of 8th semester, there is hustle and bustle of different companies coming for the hiring process. Students started preparing for cracking the nut and get the job while TPO department started putting their best effort into making that happen.

Many companies started coming to hire interns from our college such as GIPL, GenX, Arden, Headstar, Echosense, Youstart and so on.

All the companies follow some procedure for testing the capabilities of the interns who would later be working in their companies.

Same was the case with Youstart, a startup based in Jaipur.

Youstart has been hiring interns from JECRC University previously too. We already knew a bit about the internship projects and opportunities at Youstart from our seniors who had been selected earlier. This time Youstart Internship drive was scheduled for 10th November 2017.

The intern positions at Youstart were for the following profiles:

# Tech Roles (CS/IT/MCA):

  • Web developers
  • Mobile developers

#Non-Tech Roles (All branches):

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Creators

All the eligible MCA final year students of JECRC University were asked to report in the seminar hall at 9 o’clock in the morning for a small pre-placement talk in which Kuldeep sir, one of the members of hiring team, told us about the brief history of Youstart and how Abhishek sir founded it in 2015.

He also enlightened us about the projects that have been developed here. He also informed us of the selection criteria which includes an Aptitude test round followed by Technical and HR interview which would take place at the Youstart office itself. After the pre-placement talk, good vibes started striking our minds and there was a sensation that good opportunity is waving at us, all we had to do was grab it.

Though we had given a lot of tests before this still we were a bit tensed about the test. We wanted the test to start as soon as possible so that we didn’t have to bite our nails out of tension.

And then came the moment for which we were waiting to start. The test started and the clock started ticking reminding us to complete the test in an hour. There were about 200 students (including B.Tech and MCA) who were there on the battleground of grabbing internship.

The first part of the test was the logical question and the questions were just like the name say ‘Logical’. Though they were bit tricky somehow we were able to solve it. After finishing it the next part was easy- read the passage and answer the questions and finally passage writing; which I personally liked the most; on the topics Entrepreneurship.

Subsequently, Kuldeep sir told us that results will be announced within two days. The selected students would be notified via mails and would have to come to Youstart office for the Technical and HR interviews.

We were eagerly waiting for the results to be declared and as promised, we received a mail (within the mentioned time) from our TPO department informing us about the scheduled date for further rounds. Total 15 students were selected for the next round.

All the students arrived at the office on the mentioned date and hanged onto their hat for their turn to come. The face to face interview was interesting and a fun round. It did not make us feel like they are about to take the heck out of us.(They did not scare us like most of the interviewers do.)

They asked us about our projects, some coding question, and a brief introduction about us. In short, they asked us anything that we had mentioned in our resume.

It was a great experience interview at Youstart. I enjoyed the process and soaked up various new things and terms while preparing for it. After the final interview, Prashant Pandey and Pallav Bhatnagar got selected for the 6-month internship. And I, Pratishtha Sharma– writer of this blog, got selected too.