Nothing grabs the attention of middle class like money does. Artificial Intelligence achieved great heights of success but we have a long list of challenges yet to tackle. It began with Elon Musk’s declaration that robots are capable of doing every task better which in turn make it the biggest risk that we face as a civilization.

For example, Wait! You couldn’t count those thousand dimes in 20 seconds? Uh oh. Sorry but this robot can. You’re fired.

Robots were made to simplify,not just to assist but to perform the whole damn task. And once you have them, who needs those dozens of workers, you just need a supervisor. The job market of the future has scope only for blue –collar jobs the robots can’t perform. That cool bot I’m talking about my friend lacks only one thing, COMMON SENSE and lags behind in only one field, PATTERN RECOGNITION.

The same robot you can design to fill up 100 water bottles per hour has no idea what the bottle is, or that the water he is filling is “wet”. No sensation or recognition. They can identify shapes and sizes but can’t classify as chair, table, book or lamp. So naturally, all repetitive jobs would get wiped out. Automobile and textile industry become a ticking timebomb.

The entire set of second tier jobs such as garbage collectors, sanitation workers, gardeners, police, construction workers would prevail just like before. White-collar middlemen positions such as low-level accountant, book-keepers and agents need to be aware. As usual, the intellectual capitalists stay protected. The robot will never be able to improvise in unprecedented conditions where logical thinking or thinking on the feet is needed. Thus in turn, all the capitalism-related friction amongst middle-men shall be obliterated. (Hence, pretty big profit to others.)

Now a robot can’t tell a joke(unlike the above portrayal which is a human creation), it lacks sense of humor (a pretty logical/observational subset of common sense), it can’t perform a dance that entertains, sing like a nightingale or enthrall the world with its artificial beauty. No one can replace creativity, individuality, personalization, imagination or leadership. It can’t write a book or a poem, and ironically, even the best creations of man made science cannot understand science. Shifting interest from product based capital like rock mining to Rock music seems safe enough?

I guess we shouldn’t fear being over-ruled by robots as they will never have the brains to do so but technology sure is a naive kid who can be manipulated by adults. We need to make sure that it doesn’t fall into wrong hands. After all, wasn’t Frankenstein monster a mere result of unorthodox scientific experiment too? People however will face problems and unemployment.

Plant, Harvest, Fry or Cook, Factories or Societies, Like it or not, this is happening, gear up your thinking because Robots is a movie with that bold caption of “COMING SOON”.