How NITian, Adarsh Singh grabbed a job in PlaySimple?

by Pratishtha Sharma | Feb 7, 2018

How NITian, Adarsh Singh grabbed a job in PlaySimple?

“Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did.”

Encouraging himself from these nicely quoted words, Adarsh Singh– a tech geek or a coding maniac,as I call him, an undergraduate student of Computer Science and Engineering from NIT Durgapur, started toiling to get success in his field of interest- Coding.

He loves referring himself as “nxtbig”. Be it his website or all his other accounts,

have ‘nxtbig’ as his username.

The way a clown juggles with balls, Adarsh loves juggling with codes. He loves to practice and solve problems on CodeChef and HackerRank where he has maintained a rank of “383” and “87” percentile, respectively.

Although his love for coding dates back when he was a school going kid, day by day his love for programming is rising to new heights.

“nxtbig” has done many big things in the year 2017. He is working persistently to achieve success and has set some milestone on that path of success too.

Adarsh Singh, Shreyy Sharma, Arka Roy, acm icpc

He, along with his team ‘gareebCoders’, qualified for IIT Kharagpur and ABV IIITM Gwalior regional for ACM ICPC 2017, ranking even better than the last time he participated in ACM ICPC in the year 2016 in Chennai and Amritapuri online programming contest.

The team “gareebCoders” ranked “40” in IIT Kharagpur regional in 2017 compared to last year’s rank in Chennai regional was “81”. Getting a two-digit ranking among thousands of students asks a lot of patience and hard-work. He was not only competing with others but with his own last year’s performance.

He has been participating in ACM ICPC for past 3 consecutive years, since 2015. (Read More for his ICPC records)

acm icpc

ACM ICPC is considered as the “Olympics of Programming Competitions”, a team-based competition. Student coders from all around the world participate in it.

Apart from this he also got a perfect score in Goldman Sach CodeSprint in the year 2017. It has 6 challenges in it. Adarsh had achieved rank 103 out of 10140 candidates. And he is determined to improve it further.

Adarsh Singh, GNU/Linux User Group, RECursion, Nit Durgapur

Adarsh is also in force at different activities that took place at their college campus. He is the president of GNU/Linux User Group, NIT Durgapur and the coordinator of RECursion, an initiative for bringing out the best in the budding coders by providing them with a coding community and an environment to prune them.

RECursion NIT DurgapurHe puts everything into his passion and while honing the technical skills, he learned to programme in C, C++, C#, Python, Django, JS, Ruby on Rails, Linux, Java, PHP, OpenCV, Mysql, Unity3D, and Vue.js.

His association with Youstart began in the year 2016 when he came for Summer Internship in Jaipur for the profile “Intern – Game developer”. He worked on OpenCV and Unity3D to create a game based on augmented reality. The game can be played by holding a colored object and using hand gestures.

Later that year, he contributed at Unacademy as an Educator of competitive programming. Adarsh had designed and delivered programming courses on the following topics:

Unacademy takes you to the competitive programming world and course in it has all the basic things required to for strong base in programming.

Apart from these workplace experiences, he had also worked as a Summer Intern at Belzabar Software in 2017 under the profile of “Frontend Developer”, designing and developing the frontend of Hyperemail using Vue.js and Vuetify.

He loves playing with codes and solving puzzles. He believes in working not only to earn but for enhancing his skills and knowledge to get an exposure to real-world problems and to create an exponential learning curve for his growth and career.

When asked about his hobbies, unlike other students who would answer as reading, painting, traveling or anything else. He replies “Music and programming are all I need. Let the volume rise and my laptop by my side.” Adarsh loves coding to the extent that it has become his hobby.

He is into competitive programming for a long time now and a regular programmer at CodeChef. He solves long and short challenges at CodeChef on a regular basis.


CodeChef is non-commercial competitive programming community for any aspiring programmer. This platform has been developed by Directi to help programmers to learn and understand algorithms and programming. It is the non-profit educational initiative by Directi which comprises of a group of tech businesses.

He is a firm believer that, “Practice makes a person perfect and perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but rather when there is nothing to take away.”

According to him, “Programming is not to learn the syntax but to be practiced and applied to solve problems in real life.” He also advises aspiring coders to practice ceaselessly and solve the long and short challenges that are there on these platforms.

Call it his style or a habit, he wants to achieve perfection in the task he is working on. Anyone could get that hint from the results he had achieved yet be it in college or in school.

He is a bright student since his school days and has even got a CGPA 10 on 10 in 10th standard.


Taking forward the legacy of achievers from “Youstart Labs”, he is now placed at the gaming company – PlaySimple. We wish him all success in his future endeavors.

The purpose of this article is to celebrate the success and achievements of a student, we were lucky enough to have him for an internship in Jaipur. This article written at Youstart Labs, Jaipur is also to help current students in getting a better idea of what they can do during summer training and internships to land their dream job. We love to share such success stories of our interns and past students we have mentored.

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