Due to Covid-19 - we will be moving all our classes to Video Lectures and Online Interactions. Check more details here

Due to Covid-19 - we will be moving all our classes to Video Lectures and Online Interactions. Check more details here

Budding coders’ from IIT Jammu @ YouStart Labs, Jaipur

by Pratishtha Sharma | Apr 19, 2018

‘Budding coders’ from IIT Jammu @ YouStart Labs, Jaipur

Aakar Sharma and Tabish Shaikh, budding coders of IIT Jammu, started their internship in Jaipur at Youstart Labs, from 5th December 2017.

Aakar and Tabish

This journey of theirs was not a well-planned roadmap. This opportunity came to them with the “MEAN” Stack workshop conducted by Abhishek Rathore at IIT Jammu. This two days workshop, at their campus, was focused on the introduction to AngularJS, NodeJS, ExpressJs, and MongoDB to 2nd year Computer Science students at IIT Jammu.

IIT Jammu workshop

Post-workshop, students were very keenly interested in working on the live projects related to these technologies. So the interested students applied for internship at Youstart Labs, Jaipur.

Following the process of Internship in Jaipur at Youstart Labs”, the initial screening of the student’s applications was done. After the final round of the selection process, video interview in their case, 2 meritorious students i.e. Aakar and Tabish were selected.

They were able to crack it and were excited to come to the beautiful Pink city of Rajasthan – Jaipur for their stipend based internship.

Aakar and Tabish Touring in Jaipur

They were ardent to come and spent their holidays in learning new technologies; enjoying the site seeing of old heritage and forts and, of course, the different cuisines of Jaipur, during the season which is considered best to visit this place.

With few questions and a lot of enthusiasm, they both came for their paid internship in Jaipur. Like every student, they were also a bit nervous and very excited for their first day at the workplace.

Their first day at the office started with a brief introduction about the company, how Abhishek sir came up with the idea of Youstart Labs in 2015, how it has emerged as a star facing all the ups and downs?

Followed by the introduction of all the team members – Abhijeet sir, Sneha mam, Umang sir, Shubham sir, Diljeet sir, Shakti sir and Kuldeep sir. The discussion began on the assignment of projects.

They chose to take up the challenge of working on the project entitled “Reactor”. After this decision, the discussions began revolving around “Reactor” – What’s the idea behind the project, What are the technologies to be used, What will be the flow of the work etc.

For an easy flow of the things and initial help, two team members – Kuldeep and Shakti were assigned as their mentors, and they started working on the project.

Reactor Team

#Journey to “Reactor”

Their internship project, entitled “Reactor”, will be an automatic app maker, to be built in React-native. It will be a SaaS (Software as a service) with which ‘Custom App’ can be made, according to one’s requirements.

The basic idea is to help people, who are not developers themselves, in making an app according to their needs, business requirements or events.

Things did not come handy to them as they had never worked on the latest technologies of “React” and “React-native”. They took it up as a challenge to get acquainted with these new things in just two days.

To stick to their own defined timeline, they sacrificed their sleep and successfully completed the introduction to React at 2 A.M. on the second night.

The entire process of the complete project was broken into smaller tasks. The tasks needed to be done were not a piece of cake.

Began with the building of a react native code, the main task was to automate the build process of custom-made apps and deploy it on Amazon web server. The custom-made apk had the user authentication and back-end of the app too.

Working on Reactor

Their creative mind always craved for a different way of doing a task and that too with much of perfection, they also did it in a unique way.

They prepared a program which prepares every component from scratch.

Someone has truly said if you never face any difficulty while doing a new work then you are not learning it properly. This project seemed an obstacle race for them which began with the asynchronous behavior of Node-js and React-native libraries and was leading to the crash of the app, out of the blue. It took them approximately 10 hours to set the development server.

#Their Experience at Youstart

One day when I personally asked them the following questions:

Did the work pressure stress you guys out?

How is like working here at Youstart?

Since I was also new to this phase of working in an industry.

The answer came together with a smile on their faces, “Nah! It was fun working here. We never thought it as a task needed to be done. It’s our passion.”

Aakar and Tabish chilling around

And answering the question about their experience of working here at Youstart, they said that the working environment is very friendly for interns.

The experienced seniors are not dictators. It is a place for nurturing your own ideas and creativity with a guidance of their expertise and experience. New ideas are always welcomed here.

And the regular meetings kept the workflow in the proper direction.

The failures and difficulties had never let them down instead it has always inspired them to do their job quite efficiently.

This internship at Youstart was a learning journey for them. They got to learn many useful tools, working with a brilliant team of vibrant people with an awesome work culture at Youstart.

It has made them acquainted with the flexible work cultures of bringing up new ideas, getting hands-on a real and live projects and in learning approaches to tackle the problems faced while making a software.

Continuing the legacy of bringing out the best in each student during their summer internship, Abhishek Rathore Sir at Youstart Labs, Jaipur, guided these talented students to help them rise and shine.

The purpose of this article is to celebrate the success and achievements of a student, we were lucky enough to have him for an internship in Jaipur. This article written at Youstart Labs, Jaipur is also to help current students in getting a better idea of what they can do during summer training and internships to land their dream job. We love to share such success stories of our interns and past students we have mentored.

On another note, we are also looking for summer interns.