Breaking the stereotype. Still think girls can’t code?

by Pratishtha Sharma | Jan 23, 2018

Isha Girdhar

Gone are those days when people used to think that girls are not supposed to or fit for corporate jobs. Today it is common to see girls as head of marketing, HR, administration and a lot of other departments in multi-national companies.

But, today girls are facing a new stereotype – ‘Girls can’t code.

Yes, they are good managers, they are good at public speaking, but come on, they can’t code !!’- are the thoughts of most people not only in India but around the world. Let us meet one girl who is trying to break the stereotype, and has been successful to a great extent.

Isha Girdhar, a BITS Pilani alumnus, spends most of her day doing something she loves – CODING.

“Coding is so exhilarating that it is the most fun thing to do. The first time I made a line of code work, I was so invigorated by the fact that a computer can actually do what I tell it to”.

Since then Isha was certain that she wanted to be a computer programmer.

Isha believes that people are more empowered once they understand how things work and getting to learn code at an early age is a life shift. Breaking the stereotype, She worked as an intern at YAHOO, and currently holds the position of a Senior Technical Person at ORACLE.

In her words, – “Coding is like a SUPERPOWER. Girls can do anything, and yes, that includes CODING. Girls should not be afraid to step up in the field of coding. With coding, they can truly change the world.