A definition of an all-rounder techie: Anubhav Shrimal

by Pratishtha Sharma | Feb 23, 2018

A definition of an all-rounder techie : Anubhav Shrimal

A young mind and a codestar, Anubhav Shrimal, is a final year student of B.Tech in Computer Science from SKIT, Jaipur.
Born and brought up in the beautiful Pink city – Jaipur, he is a machine learning enthusiast and a full stack developer too.

anubhav shrimal Skit felicitation prize ceremony

This MEAN Stack developer is a polyglot of many programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java and knows various framework, tools and technologies like:

  • Ionic,
  • Angular,
  • Node.js,
  • MongoDB,
  • Android,
  • Loopback,
  • GraphQL,
  • Tensorflow etc.

Recently, this tech enthusiast has also published 2 skills under “Alexa Skills” category on the Amazon App Store, which are:

  • Famous Quotes
  • Humour Me!

anubhav shrimal smart india hackathon top team

# Anubhav’s Achievements-

2017 has brought him many awards and prizes. Let us walk through his achievements and milestones in various extracurricular activities.

The year began with the interviews for Google Japan. Anubhav cleared two rounds of technical interviews of Software Engineering Summer Intern 2017. It didn’t take many efforts for him to clear the first round of quiz and later advancing to another round.
He has left no stone unturned for it and ceaselessly worked hard day and night. He started practicing algorithms, online quiz, and coding problems to be a part of Google for Summer Internship. After cracking 2 rounds, he is determined to put extra efforts and get it next year. Being a benevolent person, he has also made a GitHub repository to help other students from his experience.

anubhav and team in Smart India Hackathon 2017

Moving on towards the path of triumph, another charm in his list of achievements are Hackathons.

He lead his team to be one of the Grand Finale Participants at one of World’s largest hackathon i.e. Smart India Hackathon 2017, where the team built a project named “Project Bucket”.
This project is a single page web app which could be used for mapping nearby problems to colleges researching that same problem.

anubhav shrimal infosys chandigarh hackathon top team

He was also a team leader in Infosys Chandigarh Hackathon 2017, where they were among top 10 . The team built “Hospital patient management system” for a hospital in Chandigarh.

Being a team leader in both the hackathons he undertook the task efficiently.

anubhav shrimal skit jaipur rtu award

Another feather in his cap is “Award for Excellence” presented to him in SKIT Felicitation Ceremony 2017.

Not only this, he got the best presentation award on the topic Machine Learning in ‘National Conference on Emerging Technologies in Computer Engineering 2016’. He also believes that Machine Learning is the current big thing and future for developers.

He is doing great both in extracurricular activities and academically too.

Anubhav has also been featured in a short interview with Youstart Labs, Jaipur on 20th May 2017 in which he had answered questions regarding his coding journey, milestones achieved, the turning point of his life etc.

His association with Youstart Labs began with his 2 months summer training (June – July 2016) at Youstart Labs, Jaipur.

He started with Full Stack developement course which includes MEAN stack and Ionic framework under the guidance of Abhishek sir. The course included the study of AngularJS, Nodejs, MongoDB, and Express.js.

Inspired by the quality of projects and apps being designed and developed at Youstart, he became an enthusiast to work here and contribute in the field of software development.

He worked as Full Stack (MEAN) Developer - Intern. In the short span of 3 month internship, from August- October 2016, he worked on 4 live projects:-

  • 3 in Ionic Cordova and AngularJS,
  • 1 in Node.js and AngularJS,

anubhav shrimal youstart labs team culture - outing

# Long list of projects he has worked on-

His short stint at Youstart includes four live projects:

  • GRE Pixnary app (iOS version) where you can search for random words their pronunciation and much more,
  • Quiz desktop app having many sets of papers, answer the MCQ and get results,
  • Local menus app for customers and restaurants for ordering, payment, rating, etc,
  • Newsfeed app to show news feed updated on the server.

He has ventured on the following projects too:

He has made these projects available on his Github account with the intention of allowing other too, to add something more innovative and creative to the existing code, if any.

anubhav shrimal medium blog 3 Algorithm per week algorithm tutorial notes

Not just confined to coding and active participation in Hackathons , he is a regular blogger too. He is so much in love with Data Structures & Algorithms that he starting writing the blog “3 Algorithms Per Week“.

Data structure and algorithm to him are like parseltongue to Harry. He found the magic in them.

As he says “I won’t say it was easy or difficult, but it was surely challenging in a fun way. Every day I got something new to learn.”

He started his blog at “Medium” under the name Anubhav Shrimal. Currently, the topics of his blogs are:

And these are to help other enthusiast coders to get one step closer to their dream job.

He has been diving into coding and programming stuff since his school days but what caught his attention more towards coding is Data Structures, in his second year of college. Since then, he has also completed various MOOC’s on topics such as:

anubahv shrimal drama competition skit jaipur

Curious mind always craves for more. Same goes for Anubhav.

He is also into group discussions, drama and debates. He always keeps himself updated on what is going around the world, what new technologies are emerging and other day-to-day current affairs. I think that’s not enough for him because he is also an admirer of bio-pics and keeps himself updated on latest English TV series too.

The aura of this rising star is continuously glowing since his school days. The biggest landmark achieved during schooling includes

He also believes that your work will speak more if you are active all day long. For the same reason, he works out in the gym every day.

I wonder how is he able to perform exceptionally well in so many multiple tasks. But that is how he has been managing his time so well for a long time now and he has become habitual to stick to a routine.

The codes are his inspiration. When asked about it he said, “There is nothing more fascinating than to watch your code run flawlessly”.

And that is what keeps him going.

Truly quoted by Anubhav, “If you love to code, don’t let anyone say you can’t code. Just keep going, excel in the work given, and reach to the higher levels with best of your efforts”.

Taking forward the legacy of achievers from “Youstart Labs”, he has been excelling at what he love to do, that is, Coding. We wish him all success in his future endeavors.

The purpose of this article is to celebrate the success and achievements of a student, we were lucky enough to have him for an internship in Jaipur. This article written at Youstart Labs, Jaipur is also to help current students in getting a better idea of what they can do during summer training and internships to land their dream job. We love to share such success stories of our interns and past students we have mentored.

On another note, we are also looking for summer interns.