Spar Up

Spar Up


Framework: Ionic | Back-end: NodeJS| Db: MongoDB | Server: AWS EC2 & S3

FeaturesVideo recording, uploading and streaming | Geolocation | Facebook and Google logins | Push notifications | Image upload | Local data storage

Spar up is a multi-app and web integrated platform for players, coaches and Academies to connect. The app offers creation of training plans and add players to it, track their progress with attendance and regular evaluations. These evaluations lead to final assessment report. Players and coaches can take notes and pass it on.

Players can also record videos of their practice, send it to coaches, get reviews etc. Players can also watch sports videos similar to youtube, like, share and comments the videos. Players can search for coaches and vice versa. Players, coaches and managers can add academies, experience, tournaments etc to improve their profile. An exclusive app is provided to parents to keep a track of their ward’s progress in any given training plan.

Final attendance and assessment reports can be downloaded and printed.

It is a complete sport training platform. All the platform options are available on web and app.