Panoramic Tours – 3D Virtual Reality Application


Pano tours is a unique application to create 3D virtual reality tours for places, buildings or locations. User can upload simple digitally stitched images to create 3D tour of a location. They can also create hotspots to link one location to another, embed videos, images and maps in 3D tours. On the free version, anyone can sign up with Google account and create 3D tours. Users can share their tours with others as well.

The application creates stunning 3D maps which create Virtual reality environment for other purposes like attaching info hotspots, embed media, realtime data integration. Real-time data allows people to virtually interact with each other inside the tours.

Framework:  Angular | Firebase | Marzipano

FeaturesUploading images to create 3D interactive tours, Tour editing, hotspot creation, media/image/map integration in 3D tours, Firebase real-time data update for multi-user interaction, Google authentication